MSC 2008 Malaysian Open Distance Casting Championship

MSC yet again successfully organized its annual distance casting tournament which was held on December 27th, 2008 at Pulau Indah, Port Klang.

It attracted 24 casters from Malaysia, Singapore and the UK. The weather was kind and the tourney went on smoothly. However it ended just after the sunset and prize giving was done with the help of lights from the motor vehicles of sporting organizers and the main sponsor, Land Rover Malaysia. Its Managing Director also presented the prizes. As always, every participant went home happy as MSC never fail to give everybody a token of appreciation participating in the tournament.

As family and friends and participant alike cheer each other on every cast irrespective of the nations they represent, the camaraderie and friendship is second to none. The seasoned casters would give a tip or ten to novice casters and likewise the novice casters will motivate the seniors when they didn’t do well.

This year most of the casters have shown vast improvement as quality has improved remarkably. Generally the number of casters that reached 200m mark has been very good. And some of them repeatedly reached 200m++ consistently. Even the novice casters managed to cast like veterans and the distant they achieved created good competition. To all the coaches who supplied high quality novices, kudos to you too.

The format gives each caster the opportunity to cast in two categories i.e. 150g and 125g. Each caster was given five casts in each category and the caster that cast the furthest in either one of the category will be crowned as champion. The organizer, MSC, provided the main lines and the tournament lead.

Finally, the tournament closes with Edi@Leadhunters crowned as the overall champion as well as champion in the 150g category with 217m. Raja Zahrin a seasoned caster from Singapore came second with 213m, and Edros from Singapore third with 210m and won the 125g category.

MSC hope that next year more participants especially from Malaysia to compete and it is also hope that more newbies to start taking this sport. Many veteran casters are willing to coach and share their experiences. Weekly training and coaching are provided in Bukit Mahkota and Bukit Beruntung. All you need to do is to contact MSC.

Last but not least, MSC take this opportunity to thank all the participants for the excellent sportsmanship and support of the event, sponsors in Land Rover Malaysia, Singapore Distant Casting team that provided delicious Okuma bait casting reels, Pure Fishing who provided Berkley fishing lines, MSC President, Encik Onn who provided the medals, organizing committee, marshals, and family and friends that add color to the tournament.

MSC hope to organize an improved tournament in 2009.


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