Surf fishing 101 – Rod Stand

Fishing on a beach or on rocky areas would require appropriate rod stand to hold a surf rod. Any surf angler does not want to hold his rod for long periods especially standing in the windy hot sun or a drizzle. The rod stand is therefore a phenomenal companion for him.

The rod stand is a device that could hold a rod or two at an appropriate angle for fishing. A good rod stand can also be an extension of the surf angler’s rod especially when he is fishing during up tide. This will at least help maintain the casted bait off sand banks or weeds.

The simplest surf rod stand could be a simple sand spike that is available in many anglers’ store. However choosing a good one is very important especially if the surf angler is targeting a game fish. Using a sand spike the surf angler must spike it deep into the sand to ensure it is nicely held. Loosely spiked rod stand could pose danger to the surf angler especially when a big game fish like sting rays or maybe a juvenile shark snaps the bait. A strong pull could give away the rod and the rod stand and the angler may see the fish at the other end dragged the surf gears together with them into the deep blue sea. Hence it is important for the surf angler to choose the right sand spike length to provide insurance for his rod and the big game fish that chooses his sumptuous bait.

Bear in mind that the materials used for the sand spike is also quite important to prevent scratches to the surf rod.

The following sum up the choice surf anglers could make in choosing the right sand spike.

· Make sure that the sand spike is long and sharp for easy penetration and holding power.

· Whenever possible, try to find that is made from rust proof material like aluminum. This will last longer and lighter.


Surf anglers who likes to fish on both beaches and rocks like wave breakers would consider using a more advanced rod holders such as tripods. The tripods are famous for its multi purpose usage. It could be used on the sandy beaches as well as on rocky areas. It is normally sturdy and could be adjusted in extreme conditions. Although the price could be a little expensive, the surf angler will find it most useful as it is very user friendly. More often than not it could hold multiple rods at one time.

The tripod is made from triangular alloy tubing giving it the benefit of stability. A weight is normally hanged on it to ensure that it could hold on to a pull from a big aggressive fish. While some of it has telescopic legs, it is advisable to look for a one-piece leg as it is much stronger and will not break under heavy pressure from the fish. Normally the tripod is adjustable at the central column. It has butt cups to place rods. Many seasoned surf anglers find the tripods are their best equipment to hold their surf rods in any beach conditions. The only drawback is perhaps the price and more often than not it is quiet cumbersome to carry it along because of its length. But a good carrying case that can carry the surf rod and the rod stand will be the best companion for a serious surf angler.

In summary, a surf angler gear will not be complete if he does not have an appropriate rod stand. It may not necessarily used to hold your surf rod but also helps you set your rigs to the feeding fish.


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