Surfcasting Malaysia – The Beginnings

Surf casting sports has been around in Malaysia for quiet sometime. It all started with individuals who took up the sport from the internet watching UK surf casters and then these individuals grouped together to form a social club. Members share information over teh tarik in the evenings and help each other with techniques learned from books, magazines, photos and later videos.

Some other weekends mini tournaments were held and not to forget family trips to surf beaches for surf fishing.

The sports attracted a lot of curios beach anglers whom today have at least one or two surf rods used for fishing on the many beautiful Malaysian beaches.

Members of Malaysia surfcasting would both enjoy dry casting to challenge each others casting distance as well as surf fishing. For those who can afford it will upgrade their surf casting/fishing gears so that they could have the best armor in store to be used for distance casting tournaments or fishing. Rules for distance casting tournaments were religiously learnt to at least be on par with the accepted standards used especially by the UK distance casting fraternity. Communications with UK were also established to fish out new information or latest about gears and tackles.

Malaysia surfcasting group also established contacts with the Singapore group to enlarge the family size. Annual tournament were held to renew comradeship and learn a tip or two from each other in the challenge. However members come and go and efforts to recruit new members were devised. A Novice distance casting tournament started this year in Malaysia and participation were inspiring.

There are a lot to learn about surf casting and distance casting and this blog will try to share know how of the sports so that visitors could pick up a lesson or two about the technical aspects of it. Alternatively any pointers from learned surf casters are also welcome.


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